About Madhu
Smiley Madhu

Established in 1955, by people that love to smile

Madhu Then and Now

Madhu was started in Agra by a family of people who loved ice cream and the feeling of joy it brought to them. After years of bringing pure unadulterated ice cream goodness to the people of Agra, Madhu decided it was time to spread the smiles further. Our first stop was Delhi and Gurgaon. Two cities, we thought were in desperate need of ice cream and the smiles that went with it.

Madhu Now and Forever

A larger audience meant more smiles, but it also meant more work. Before asking other people to smile, we decided to make Madhu smile by introducing characters that have the ability to make even the grumpiest people smile. So whether you’re feeling as Nutty as Nutter Butter Scotch or a little snooty like Snooty Tooty Fruity, we’ve got just the flavour to make you smile!